Pest Control Wolmer

Pest Control Wolmer, helping with termites, ants, cockroaches, rodents, insects, rats!

Pest Control Wolmer is a trusted company been in the business for more than ten years established by a group of three environmental lectures who started the company in search to finding solutions to pest domination against human inhabitation.

Tel:  073 277 3618
Address: 778 avenue, Wolmer

Pest Control Wolmer offers exclusive pest management services that are meant specifically for you.

Generally every house, residents or business is invaded by unwanted pests that help bacteria move and can be dangerous for you and family where you live or work. To have these invaders out of your way and letting it be the last thing you have to worry about.

At Pest Control Wolmer we have qualified specialized technicians who have years of professional work experience, using products designed to get rid of pest out your house or business.

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At Pest Control Wolmer we offer products to help you keep invaders far from your inhabitants.

Pest Control Wolmer provides customers in and around Joburg with the following Pest services:

  • Bees
  • Aunts
  • Mosquitoes/flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats/snakes
  • Spiders/ grasshoppers etc

Pest Control Wolmer ensures you have all the tools, personnel and materials to get the job done!

At Pest Control Wolmer we provide customers with various options they can pick from, our prices are designed to meet every class financial length.

Pest Control Wolmer offers customers the following guarantees:

  • Same day pest management control
  • Three month pest control products
  • Full body pest control equipment.

Pest Control Wolmer makes your house a fun and pest free home.

Pest Control Wolmer
Pest Control Wolmer

Through our many years of experience and research we have reached the point where all that we do is of great quality using the right products to remedy any pest invasion whether at your house or farm we have specialize in all pest control aspects.

Effective Pest Control Wolmer
Effective Pest Control Wolmer

There are many benefits for using Pest Control Wolmer include:

  • Free from Cockroaches
  • Freshly clean  harvested plants
  • No flies or bees
  • Free from aunts and spiders.

We will make sure that all our customers receive the right knowledge and guidance if they wish to get the full equipment and want to pest control by themselves.

At Pest Control  we provide our customers with e for a free quotation or for more info!