Professional & Affordable Pest Management

Pest Control Johannesburg is a company that been around for many years we have ten years of experience in the business of environmental pest control. We have matured and have established a reputation of great quality work all over Johannesburg.

With many customers looking for effective ways to control pest running everywhere in their houses or residential we have invented products that customers can use to control pest on their own. Products are guaranteed environmentally friendly

Today we have grown into a specialist company offering the following:

  • Residential or houses
  • Farms veggies/ livestock
  • Corporate business
  • Small enterprises

Get your environment pest free from environmental experts!

At Pest Control Johannesburg All our technicians are registered with the Department of Agriculture and are fully qualified and trained in the safe use, handling and application of all insecticides, rodenticides, termiticieds herbicides and a specialist team exists in our company that handles fumigation as per ISPM 15 regulations.

We control a wide variety of pest such as:

  • Bees
  • Aunts
  • Mosquitoes/flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Rats/snakes
  • Spiders/ grasshoppers etc

At Pest Control Johannesburg we make it our business to ensure that every environment is pest free for our customers so they can enjoy their plantations at their farms or enjoy the working or living area free from pest running around and spoiling the little small special moments of life .

Pest Control Johannesburg our company specializes in providing the highest quality Pest Management Services in Johannesburg and we plan to free South Africa from pest domination.